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The Petition: We Support Minnesota’s Police

We, the undersigned, support Minnesota’s law enforcement. We call on leaders in Minneapolis and in towns across Minnesota to make public safety their city’s top priority. America is a country built on laws that are equally enforced and protect every person’s human rights. This is a system worth defending.

We stand with residents of the Twin Cities who are living in fear, who have witnessed homicides, shootings, armed robberies, and violent carjackings in their neighborhoods daily. Minnesota’s constitution states, “Government is instituted for the security, benefit, and protection of the people.” Residents of Minnesota’s cities and towns must be able to count on their local government to vigorously defend their laws, protect their rights, and provide for their basic safety. We need the police!

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Attacks on the Police

“Not only do we need to disinvest from police, but we need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.” – Congresswoman Ilhan Omar
“Our city council has committed to dismantling the police department, but we need to make sure this vision does not get watered down, replaced with reforms…” – Peter VanKoughnett, MPD150
“I think that defunding is on the path to abolishing and is a very necessary step in the process, and ultimately is the thing that is needed to abolish the police.” – Kandace Montgomery, Black Visions Collective

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An overwhelming majority of Minnesotans have confidence in their local police departments. Make your voice heard for those who risk it all to keep our streets safe.